Bill Kass Returned to New Orleans

Today, Bill Kass returned to New Orleans. He flew out of the Providence airport, which is actually in Warwick, RI, which is south of Providence. Our friend Yves-Marie Tanton drove him to the airport. I was riding along.

On the way back, we wanted some shrimp and oysters. Yves-Marie dropped me off near Benjamin’s to grab a table or two bar stools while he dropped the car off at his house before walking back to the restaurant. I called him and told him not to come. It would be a very long wait.

I have been going to Newport for 26 years. I have never seen it so busy. There were 12 weddings in town, lots of people getting out as it was most likely the last nice weekend of the year. There was also the problem of places not operating regular hours and closing one to two days per week. Like everyone else, they had a shortage of help.

I walked to Il Forno Italiano to have pizza for dinner. Last time I was there, it was called Via Via Pizza. Via went bankrupt and closed. The new owner changed the name to Il Forno Italiano. He kept all of the employees, so the place still has the same good pizza.

It’s a real dive, however I always go there when I’m in Newport.

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